California Mayflower Society

California State Board of Assistants

Officers and Committee Chairs

Position Member Contact
State Governor (AGG) Patricia M. Friesen E-mail
Deputy Governor North Jane Ordway Carman E-mail
Deputy Governor South Marcia Huntley Maloney E-mail
Secretary Susan Astarita E-mail
Treasurer David Lawrence Grinnell E-mail
Historians Patricia M. Friesen E-mail
  Linda Longley E-mail
  Myrtle Savage E-mail
  CDR Kenneth Whittemore (Ret.) E-mail
Membership Secretary Judy Richardson Weaver E-mail
Elder Jan Landt E-mail
Captain Richard C. Bailey E-mail
Surgeon William R. Tatomer, M.D. E-mail
Counselor J. Michael Phelps Esq. E-mail
Librarian Dianne Sweeny E-mail
Junior Membership Erica Lis Hahn E-mail
Public Relations James F. Blauer E-mail
Data Processing North Larry Youngman E-mail
Data Processing South Franklin Smith E-mail
Investment Judy Swan E-mail
Scholarship Sally K. Johnson E-mail
Education Sally K. Johnson E-mail
Website Co-Chairs Jane Ordway Carman E-mail
  Mary Ames Mitchell E-mail
Newsletter Editors Ray & Gail Raser E-mail
  Donna Cole E-mail
Gene Fortine Trophy, Manual, Bylaws and Roster June Lazich E-mail
California 2020 Committee Robert Dempster E-mail


Past State Governors (Living)

Years Member Contact
2011-2015 CDR Kenneth Whittemore (Ret.) E-mail
2009-2011 J. Michael Phelps Esq. E-mail
2007-2009 June Lazich E-mail
2003-2007 Donald Dickenson E-mail
2000-2003 Donna Cole E-mail


Colony Governors

Colony Governor Contact
Alameda Larry Youngman E-mail
Inland Empire Rick Clark E-mail
Los Angeles Franklin Smith E-mail
Monterey Bay Verona Flint E-mail
Mother Lode Kathy Gire E-mail
Orange County Erica Hahn E-mail
Rancho Conejo Robert Dempster E-mail
Redwood Empire Sally K. Johnson E-mail
San Diego Gail Raser E-mail
San Francisco James A. Ingwalson E-mail
San Joaquin Valley Corky Peterson E-mail
Santa Barbara Ruth Jackson E-mail
Sequoia Dawn Newman E-mail